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Blepharoplasty – Eyelid Surgery

What is blepharoplasty?

Blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, is a cosmetic procedure that improves the appearance of the eyelids. It can be performed on the upper lid, lower lid, or both. This can be a purely cosmetic surgery, but in many cases it is used to improve the function of the eyelids. For more details click here.
A blepharoplasty tends to be a brief operation, lasting about one to three hours. Most patients will be able to return home the same day. There are slight differences in technique from surgeon to surgeon, but some general characteristics remain the same. External surgical incisions will be placed within the natural folds and creases of the eye to minimize visible scarring. Excess fat and skin will be removed, and then the muscle and tissue will be repositioned and secured. Incisions will be closed with sutures which dissolve within four to six weeks.

Following surgery swelling and bruising is normal, and will heal in about two weeks. The stable final results of the blepharoplasty will become apparent after several months. Much of the success of this surgery depends upon the age of the patient, the condition of the surrounding tissue, and the elasticity of the skin. All of these factors should be discussed with your surgeon prior to the procedure.

What can blepharoplasty help correct?

The main goal of a blepharoplasty is to return normal function to eyelids, while improving the appearance of the eye region in general. This surgery often works to correct loose, sagging skin around the eyelid, which can lead to vision impairment. It can also treat fatty deposits under and around the eye, bags under the eye, and excess skin in the lower eyelid.

Many of the signs of aging can be alleviated by this procedure. If you want to correct the appearance of your upper or lower eyelids, have large bags under your eyes, excessive fatty deposits around the eye, or extensive eye wrinkles, then blepharoplasty is a viable option. For more details on other plastic surgery procedures click here.

Who is a candidate for blepharoplasty?

Good candidates for any surgery are as healthy as possible beforehand. The most satisfactory results from a blepharoplasty will come if you have no medical conditions which impair healing, do not smoke, and have no serious eye condition. Having a realistic, positive outlook will also be advantageous.

Know what you want from your eyelid surgery before consulting a surgeon like Reza Nabavian MD. This will allow you to clearly communicate your goals to the surgeon, and will result in the best possible experience. Your surgery, recovery, and final results will all benefit from being as informed as possible.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation according to is a method that is performed to increase the size and texture of the breast by doing a simple plastic surgery. This is medically termed as Augmentation mammoplasty. This is done to restructure a defective breast or a cancer cell in the breast or the wall of the chest by the cosmetic surgery. It is also performed under a circumstance where one of the breasts is visibly smaller than the other one. Post-surgery the projection of the breast will increase which will give a perfect balance to the structure of the woman’s physical look. The hemisphere of the chest is changed and the contour defects are corrected in the surgery. The implant can either be filled with a gel like substance made of silicon or saline solution. The surgery is performed usually after the growth of the breasts is stopped.
breast augmentation photo
The surgery begins with a general or local anesthesia that is chosen by the surgeon himself that is suitable for the patient. The next step is choosing the incision. Again this is an outcome that is best suitable for the patient after the doctor describes the different types available. The choice may also depend upon the enlargement that is required by the patient and the preference of the patient. Then is the method of incision placement. There are several new techniques available for this now and after which the incisions are closed. The procedure is over and the results could be seen visible directly.

Feeding after Augmentation

There is a general fear that the feeding baby would not be possible after breast augmentation. This is true to an extent as the procedure of breast implantation does several changes to the breast and that might cause possible damages to the lactating substances inside. Therefore, it is better for the patient who wishes to undergo an augmentation process to have a detailed discussion with the surgeon about the post difficulties in feeding the infant and the repercussions. It is also a better idea to do the augmentation process after delivering babies.

Possible Medical complications

Each and every cosmetic surgery will have its own complications which cannot be left behind. However, this particular process is not very risky if all the procedures are perfectly followed as directed by the physician. Some of the risks include excessive bleeding, risk due to anesthesia, pain, a wrongly done process, nipple sensation changes, scar around the breast, fluid accumulation and so on. Again since this is a cosmetic surgery, there cannot be any guarantee that comes life time. It’s up to the patient to deal with all the complications or issues that arise to the surgery. Also, the breasts that are augmented might get changed to several reasons like menopause, pregnancy or any other reason. However, regular visits to the doctor can keep you informed about the various stages and the changes you are going through.

On the whole, any cosmetic surgery for that matter needs a deep research and a confidence to face all the problems post-surgery. Also it is important to choose a right plastic surgeon like Dr Michele Shermak who will assist you a long way ahead.

Structure of our skin

Our skin is the largest organ of our body. It is also one of the toughest organs of the body as it faces and neutralizes a lot of threats on daily basis. To do this, our skin has a very unique structure. The upper layer is known as epidermis. It is made up of dead skin cells, hardened cellular structures that form the shield against the foreign elements. This is the defensive layer of the skin that protects the inner layer, the dermis. Dermis is what actually gives your skin its suppleness. It is mainly made up of collagen, a naturally occurring material that gives your skin volume and its padded feel. Dermis also has fibres that allow your skin to stretch and contract without breaking open.

A fine layer of muscles, nerves and blood capillary lie beneath the dermis. These muscles are essential to the various movements of your face. Every time you adopt a facial expression, this network gets to work in maintaining it for as long as you want.


Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong? Get it Fixed

Liposuction–The Benefits and Considerations

Body image is an important factor, just ask Dr Lloyd Krieger of Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery, in terms of one’s overall feeling of wellbeing. Individuals with a poor body image my not be able to overlook certain aspects of their bodies whether miniscule or major. While one’s overall health and level of fitness may be high, concerns regarding particular body parts may still be a concern. Liposuction, while not for everyone, can offer a valid solution for many individuals with a concern over specific body concerns.

Liposuction surgery is a targeted form of fat reduction that focuses on removing fat deposits that cause unbecoming bulging and puckering. Common liposuction sites include the abdomen and waist, the thighs and hips, the buttocks, areas on the neck and back, the arms, inside the knee, on the chest, the cheeks and chin, and even the calves and ankles. While liposuction does not remove cellulite, it removes fat which improves the body’s overall contouring and appearance.

Benefits of Liposuction

The main purpose of liposuction is to remove stubborn fat deposits that cause individual concern. This procedure, particularly combined with a healthy lifestyle and exercise, works to improve the body’s overall appearance, improving the proportion and contouring of the body. While the external benefits of liposuction are an obvious advantage, liposuction also offers many individuals elevated self-esteem and improved body image. While liposuction will not prevent future weight gain, fat typically will not re-concentrate in an area that has previously been treated, so the liposuction procedure can offer extended results even after the immediate treatment.

Candidates for Treatment

Liposuction is not a treatment for obesity, although you may want to consider an alternative to liposuction, so candidates considering the treatment should understand that the procedure is a spot reduction treatment and should not replace healthy living and exercise. In addition to understanding the procedure, candidates should also have a reasonable understanding of the results that can be expected. With regards to health considerations, candidates should be of good overall health, maintain a healthy lifestyle, have supple, firm skin, be of average or close to average weight, and have fat deposits that have not responded well to diet and exercise. While age is not necessarily a consideration in regard to liposuction, younger individuals typically have more elastic skin and experience better results than older patients. Likewise, individuals with excessive amounts of cellulite generally do not experience as good of results, as cellulite can cause irregularities in the area that is treated.

Recovery Time

The typical recovery time associated with liposuction is relatively short according to Dr Joseph Michaels. Generally liposuction is conducted as an outpatient procedure from which most patients recover in a few days to a couple of weeks. Typically, individuals can return to work a few days and normal activities in two weeks following the procedure. Bruising and tenderness following surgery is to be expected. Other associated side effects include swelling and some extended soreness; however, specific results differ by patient.

The Right Surgeon

One of the most important considerations associated with the success of a liposuction treatment is selecting the right surgeon. With such a sensitive procedure, selecting a board certified surgeon is crucial for the best results and overall experience. A certified surgeon can offer the most up-to-date treatment methods and provide the most knowledgeable care and service.

While not for everyone, liposuction surgery can have lasting effects. And, in conjunction with offering a solution to unsightly fat pockets, liposuction also offers a better body image and increased self-esteem to many individuals.

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